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A3 - Saho Wajimaya - Just out of the bath

A3 - Saho Wajimaya - Just out of the bath

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Risography printing by KIBLIND Atelier On 150g Munken Print White paper A3 size - 29.7 x 42 cm Poster delivered packaged, with rigid cardboard support Free wooden display for orders of 50 posters ---------------------------------------- Put yourself in the place of the newborn. It's not easy, but we're trying. You are eager for this world that is opening up to you. You want to perceive its beauties and miracles, you cling to what makes its magic, just so as not to have been born for nothing. Your eye, still wild, does not yet perceive the diabolical details and devious asperities of life. Only the brilliance of colors and the softness of the forms reign supreme, which merge into a single picture where a thousand suns shine. This caressing light that beautifies our environment is the one that Saho Wajimaya is looking for, drawing after drawing. Everyday wonders and extraordinary trivialities ---------------------------------------- >

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