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Helen of Troy

Steam Room Shower Steamers

Steam Room Shower Steamers

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Like bath bombs, but for showers!

Contains 4 x shower steamers

For when you want to feel … fresh, invigorated and restored Scented with 100% natural essential oils, including:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - is a stimulating oil known for its balancing and cleansing properties.

Rosemary Essential Oil - can help to restore mental clarity, and promote positivity and healing

Pine Essential Oil - a purifying oil with strong curative properties known to soothe the respiratory system

Black Pepper Essential Oil- is rich in antioxidants and has been used for centuries to relieve aches and pains

Contains 4 x shower steamers.

Packed in an FSC certified box and a biodegradable bag. Our products are lovingly hand made, so there might be slight variations in shape and colour.

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