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Slow Seasons - Hardback Book

Slow Seasons - Hardback Book

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Slow Seasons: A Creative Guide to Reconnecting with Nature the Celtic Way by Rosie Steer

'A truly beautiful book. Rosie's writing makes me want to close my laptop, step outside, and appreciate the magic that each season brings' Jessica Elliot Dennison In her late-twenties, feeling utterly overwhelmed by the pace of modern city life, Rosie Steer found solace in the traditions she had been brought up with, influenced by her Scottish roots, that celebrated nature and observed the small steady shifts in the seasons. The Celtic Wheel of the year is an ancient seasonal cycle that aligns with solar events - the solstices, equinoxes and their midpoints. For each mini-season, Rosie shares nature notes for what we can look out for as the days get warmer or cooler, the nights longer or shorter, alongside activities, things to make, flowers or fruit to forage, seasonal recipes to enjoy and a modern take on the traditional celebrations. As the Wheel turns towards Samhain on 31st October, we can look forward to foraging apples and berries to make Hedgerow jelly, watching the leaves turn golden, collecting pine cones for a Pine cone garland and celebrating pumpkin season with Pumpkin and root veg chilli and Chocolate cake with pumpkin curd. By slowing down and paying attention to the ebbs and flows of nature, we can find moments of calm whenever we need them.
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