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Escape Paperback Book

Escape Paperback Book

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Journalist Marie Le Conte was born in 1991, the same year the World Wide Web was made publicly available. She had her first blog at 12, a successful music website at 16 and, at 31, has just under 100,000 followers on Twitter. She spent her formative years on MSN, MySpace, Tumblr and forums; like many people her age, she grew up online as the internet itself was growing up. It was a joy until it wasn't - where did it all go wrong?

How did the internet go from a haven you hid in to escape real life to a place where real life is shaped? A space where you could be yourself and find like-minded people to a world sullied by bad algorithms, annoying brands and endless trolling? When did it become the place we're all trying to run away from?

Escape is a fascinating exploration of the rise and demise of the internet. It's a look back on the people and platforms that came and went before everything started collapsing. It's an analysis of the lessons being online has taught us, and a celebration of the tools it gave us to feel less alone.

Publisher: Bonnier Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781788705363
Number of pages: 304
Weight: 224 g
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 17 mm

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